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Bro, you’re doomed if bae is in Maasai Mara!

Universities have been related from the pinnacle of education pursuit into a hub of hubby searching and spouse hunting. The phenomenon is so prevalent that some have confessed to have found their soul mate by week two, but took months to spot the building where some units were being taught.

For some couples, it is so serious that the two love birds have moved in together (the girl has shifted and now lives in the men’s hostel or vice versa) and now there’s always that awkward moment when the dude goes to shower in the morning, rubbing shoulders with ladies in the lavatory! Stories have been told of campo love tales turning tragic.

So, today I want to save a boychild’s life. There is a beautiful lot of very attractive ladies in campus who should be put at a mile long distance if you are the weak hearted type that goes into a semi heart attack if she gets a text message.

This is for you if you are the kind that suddenly turns into FBI agents if she got a phone call in the middle of the night and spoke with giggles and blushes, because these ladies require a strong hearted guy who cannot quake even if he saw her with William Levy! Dude, if your hyena self has convinced you to go nab a lady doing Tourism and Hospitality, then please make sure you have a Jack Bauer heart! 

That discipline is flooded with beautiful ladies, not to mention the breed which has turned the black folk into racists, lightskins! In such a relationship, especially if you are from an entirely different course, it will be all fun and games, fairly tale love et al until the lass goes to some high life tourist resort for her internship!

From there, brace your weak heart for some high voltage insecurity! She will be sharing pictures of herself in top class hotels, golf clubs, hanging out with who’s who and eating foods that even with the accumulative combination of all the little you saved from HELB, you cannot afford to pay for it!

You will have to get used to seeing her living on the fast lane, trotting the wilderness on safari tours and very fast she will transform from the mama who would spend time with you on that hostel feeding on bread crumps to a lady with a class way beyond your reach.

Have I mentioned she will suddenly become more classy from the foreign currencies she gets in the name of tips?  Wait till she returns from attachment with a set of standards far above the lanes of hostel life and chips mwitu! So Romeo, if you want to tread your hungry self into the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality, please don’t say you weren’t warned!

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