Good body, fashion are siamese twins

Looking good and staying fit is the ultimate goal of every man and woman who enrols into a fitness club or gym. You want to look and feel sexy, given the world is obsessed with neatly chiselled-out physiques.

Two things happen when you hit the gym — you become healthier and for singles, your chances in the love market increases.

But while some folks have achieved the desired shape, most just don’t have the correct fashion to pair with that great ideal body. To muscly guys, you don’t need oversized fits to compensate for your hard-earned mass. It is time to go shopping for clothes that fitting but not suffocating — brother needs to breathe.

Avoid printed shirts or T-shirts unless you are beaching around. Nobody wants to interact with a muscle guy who looks like a walking billboard. Stick to monochrome and sombre colours – navy, blue, brown, olive and camel, especially on outerwear.

Because of your towering physique, chunks of colour tend to appear more offensive on the eye than when worn by Mr Slim. Pair them with fitting pants and if bold shorts, and nice pair shoes for you outdoor. Same fitting size should apply to office wear. Don’t forget that every weirder should own joggers.

For women, there is no shortage of fashion to complement your toned body. Go shopping for fitting clothes. Fitted is a word generously used — with pencil skirts, tight jeans and body hugging dresses, which are all favourites in the fitness world. Men like to see that there is a body under there, even if it’s not perfect. It all goes back to playing up one’s assets.

A survey shows that belted dresses and jumpsuits popular choices, while tunics nipped at the waist were deemed appealing for the workplace.

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