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Lunch in the wild

Soft music plays in the background as we wait for our prosciutto e fungi pizza. I down my hot toddy and steal some fries from my friend’s plate, while some warthogs graze across the fence. Birds chirp and flit from tree to tree as lovely white pelicans swim in the nearby Oserian Lake, and I cannot think of another place I would rather be. The tables are beautifully set with fragrant freshly cut flowers serving as the centrepiece.

We are having late lunch at the Ranch House Bistro in Naivasha. Since the place is normally packed, you have to make a table reservation in advance; a practice I am all for, especially since I like having the security blanket of knowing I will not have to struggle to find a seat when dining out, regardless of how packed a place might be.

After about five minutes, our ham and mushroom pizza arrives, hot and steaming, laden with lots of cheese. The crust is thin, which for me is the litmus test any good pizza has to pass. The ham and mushroom are well done and quite sumptuous, such that we decide to order another pizza, this time the Hawaiian. We down all of it with some Irish beer and order a lemon pie for dessert. The lemon pie comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. My friend has the apple crumble, which is markedly more delicious than my pie.

We are all reluctant to leave and want to laze around. We get our Maasai kanga out, spread it out on the grass and order a few more drinks as we sit in the warm rays of the sun and amicable silence. Thank goodness it hasn’t rained today yet.

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