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Nagging clueless women also watching World Cup

Guys, with FIFA World Cup just getting better and bitter for some people, back at home, the situation is no better. For guys with baes, watching a match with her could be stressful.

From getting “that player is so cute…” to “I like his locks” blah blah blah, you will also be burdened with explaining why so and so is getting a yellow card, why the match has gone to extra time and such kind of irritating questions.

Funnyman Njugush, in his usual element, took advantage of this and made a clip that has since gone viral, in which he features his wife.

Like a typical blonde, she gets to ask why Neymar is not playing for Barcelona and why he is wearing yellow! In a comical manner, the comedian represents the tribulations for all men who watch football in the company of their significant others.

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