Actress mourns as ‘dads’ fight over late son’s body

Bongo movie star, Rose Alphonse aka Muna Love, lost her son Patrick Peter at a Nairobi hospital, who was being attended to after falling sick. Seven-year-old Patrick, who had a huge fanatical following on social media as a model, died from a brain tumour complications that had seen him spend six days in ICU, before his untimely demise.

She posted on social media before Patrick’s untimely demise: “Kinachomsumbua mwanangu ni uvimbe kwenye ubongo na hajaamka kwa siku sita huku akiwa amelazwa katika chumba cha uangalizi maalum ‘ICU’ hivyo tunasubiri aamke ndipo madaktari waangalie kama watamfanyia operesheni au la (My son is suffering from a brain tumour and he’s been unconscious for six days, but he’s receiving specialised treatment in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). We are waiting for him to regain consciousness, so that doctors can determine whether to operate on him or not).”

But even before the boy could be buried, controversy emerged regarding his paternity, as media personality, Casto Dickson, and a man only identified as Peter both claimed to be biological fathers to the deceased and had the rights to burry him.

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