Restrained speed demon

How much did this particular one cost you?

I won’t state a number because I got it at a good price. But market price for a similar car would be between Sh1.1 million and Sh1.3 million. I previously owned a Toyota Starlet EP82 and VW Jetta.

How is your overall experience?

The only change from stock is I upgraded the radio to one that supports USB and auxiliary functions. But it is also Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), so strictly speaking, it’s a completely factory standard GTI. Actually, it was the first MK 5 GTI in the country and had been serviced at Cooper Motor Corporation (CMC), so it came with a full-service history and all relevant documents. I service it every 7,500 kilometres and feed it on V-Power as VW recommends. So far, it has been bulletproof.

What are the drawbacks?

One thing to look out for is the camsollower, which fails and can destroy the high-pressure fuel pump, luckily mine didn’t. I simply changed it and all is well. I wish the car could have selectable suspension modes because the ride quality is really firm.

The car also sits low, so route planning is a must, especially when going on a road I have never driven on before. It is easy to scrape the car and spoil my tyres, which thankfully are still intact. The biggest drawback is the constant fight to not floor it. It is a wonderful car to drive, but we all have to keep within the speed limit.

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