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Harsh truths on men and THE FAIR GENDER

A wise old man once said to a foolish young man, “you will lose money chasing women, but you will never lose women chasing money.” Sound financial advice no doubt, but also, a bit simplistic. To assume that money is all it takes to keep a girl happy is frankly a bit unimaginative, and while your love interest may physically be hanging around you for the finance, her heart and mind will be stuck in a whirlwind romance with someone who set’s her mind on fire. Let’s look critically at the situation of a reasonable man in a relationship. Not from the perspective of what women say they want, but what we as men know and understand they need.

Security: Modern women often say all that “I don’t need a man to take care of me” nonsense, but truth is, if you’re in a situation where you don’t actively protect her, she will silently judge you, and will seethe with disdain. It doesn’t even matter if she has been a pain in the bum all day, as long as she’s your girl, you’ve got to make her feel safe in a dangerous world.

Finance: There’s a song that goes, “no romance without finance…” Of course money matters, and as painful as it is for men to admit, it’s largely true. Women are programmed to gravitate to a good time and eschew austerity. Men can get by with basic necessities and most actually do until they start getting serious with a girl. Men accumulate things to attract and keep their women happy and this in turn makes them happy. But money will always be easier to spend than earn and with a multiplying family, so too do the bills. Don’t be lazy; get enough money to keep her, even more happy, and that will for sure make you happy.

Humour: I figured a truth early on in life that if you can make a girl laugh, you can make a girl do anything. (Yes that too, but get your mind out of there!) I mean keeping the peace even when there really isn’t any to keep. Learn how to charm your ladylove with sweet nothings and small talk, which are like pizza to her ears. And everybody likes pizza. Instead of getting angry when she annoys you, reproach her with sarcasm or a backhanded compliment. Women can’t get enough of witty guys and if you spoil her with words, the competition will have a harder time talking her into their beds.

Don’t take her too seriously: She may have all manner of demands on your time, money and mental energy, but if you’re not married, it really isn’t, officially at least, your damn problem. And if it gets to being too much, you can simply delete her number and walk away. Don’t make her your life’s goal. Love is overrated and you should be able to be free if you so wish.

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