Pupils condemn graft in emotive presentations

Not wishing to fold their hands as war against vice rages, the young join hands in fighting corruption

Corruption has now become a deep-rooted vice— and for some, a way of life that feeds on greed and impunity.

And while most Kenyans are singing the same tune; the rhyming song that corruption has become a monster that is devouring the nation, the young have also joined. 

When pupils from Aimeel Preparatory School in Juja were asked to make proposals on topics they would present during the schools entertainment day, more than 80 per cent settled on corruption-related topics.

Making their well-rehearsed and researched presentations, the concerned pupils presented entertaining poems, speeches, songs and prayers all to express their growing concern on habitual graft in the country.

The pupils said after realising President Uhuru Kenyatta was “a lone ranger in the fight against corruption”, theydecided to back his quest to fight graft.  

“Heist has become a mocker, it’s is perilous, diverse, widely spread even more than cancer and it’s a contagious disease that every Kenyan should keep off,” sang a Class Two pupil. 

 “What a giant Kenya; corruption is the order of the day. You have mocked us and tarnished our name. We have fought you but all in vain; now listen you great mocker, Kenyans are joining hands turning to God in prayer and you will be under our feet,” said Class Four pupils in a song.

The pupils asserted that their concern grew after scandals after another were unearthed from different government ministries compelling them to compose the items to pass across the message to every Kenyan.

They stated that the vice had also been spilled in schools through examination irregularity saying that graft was sparing no one including their parents.  “Many foodstuffs containing mercury and copper that children consume are reaching them thanks to corruption. It is very necessary that children become the salt of the society that they are able to explain in greater depths to reach so many people including their colleagues, playmates and parents,” said school Principal Chrispine Norman Oluoch.

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