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The eye-candy on offer in Russia at the Fifa World Cup 2018 is enough to satisfy every sweet-tooth, quips Chebet Korir

Women often get a bad rap when it comes to football with many citing that they don’t understand the “beautiful game” as well as men do. For many, the World Cup represents the best in soccer, and as such, it is religiously watched for amazing saves and incredible goals. For non-sports fans, there’s a more primal reason to watch: all the smoking hot players. Yes, we do enjoy the game as much as our male counterparts — perhaps even a little more.

And as the world over is mourns the elimination of Portugal because they’ll miss seeing Cristiano Ronaldo’s dazzling goals, there’s no denying what mafisilets will miss most is him hitching up his shorts and showing off his toned thighs.

Lucky for us, there is no shortage of players to make us drool on and off the field.

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior (Brazil)

Take out the pom-poms and dance along with us: “Neymar you’re so fine, you’re so fine, you are mine…”

Media reports called him emotionally weak for crying after Brazil’s 2-0 win over Costa Rica — idiots, truly!  Men who aren’t afraid to express their emotions are swoon-worthy, and none much more so than the Brazilian forward. What’s more, he doesn’t just have looks to on. No. Neymar is the current World Cup favourite to win Top Goal Scorer, need we say more!   

Mousa Dembélé (Belgium)

Mousa Dembélé, who currently plays as a central midfielder for premier league club Tottenham Hotspur, may just be the best thing to come out of Belgium since chocolate and beer.  What’s even better is that we’ll get to see a lot more of this stud as the season continues.

Fabian Delph (England)

If tall, dark and handsome had a name — this 29-year-old player would be it. Fabian recently flew back to England from his World Cup duties to be at his wife’s side as she was preparing to deliver their third child. Ain’t he a keeper!

Oliver Giroud (France)

If Hollywood was looking for a leading man in the next rom-com hit, Olivier Giroud would fit that profile. The French macaron as we call him already made headlines with his good looks when he won the accolade of being the Premier League’s most attractive player in 2015.  With the 6’4” striker on the field, there is no doubt France will go far in the World Cup.

Ivan Rakitic (Croatia)

Ivan is a central or attacking midfielder for Spanish club Barcelona and the Croatia national team. What caught our eye, however, wasn’t just his good looks and skills, but rather his fairytale love story.  Ivan met the love of his life, Raquel, at a hotel bar in Spain. He asked her out 20, 30 times before she said yes. Talk about persistence. The pair wedded in 2013.

Jesse Lingard (England)

This hunky forward is a major distraction on the pitch. If he’s not scoring goals, he’s busy making headlines on various entertainment sites. He is after all, the bad boy of football. He’s newly-single (not for long we bet), after his longtime girlfriend, Jena, called it quits .

Yannik Carrasco (Belgium)

Talk about a Belgium stallion. Yannik, 24, plays as a winger for Atletico Madrid and the Belgium national team. The devilishly hot footballer is dating Noemie Happart, former Miss Belgium.

Honarary mention

Team Iran

It would not be fair to choose one player from the Iran Fifa World Cup 2018 squad. Did you see this team? They look like cover models. It broke our hearts to see them exit so soon— we could have swooned a little longer. We will miss you gorgeous boys.

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