Captain Koki may not fly Dreamliner during inaugural flight to New York

Captain Irene Koki, Africa’s first Dreamliner captain, may after all, not fly the Dreamliner during the inaugural flight to  US.

She, yesterday, denied reports that she had been selected as the lead pilot during Kenya Airway’s maiden flight to New York’s John F Kennedy International Airport from Nairobi.  Koki said she was surprised when media reports indicated she will be the lead pilot.

She said the airline is yet to announce pilots who will be on the first direct flight to the US, adding that there must have been confusion after an event she attended with US Secretary of Trade, Wilbur Ross.

Koki said she was overwhelmed by the response but Kenya Airways (KQ) had not made the selection, adding that her participation at a media event with the US Secretary of Trade was misconstrued.

“Thank you for all your kind words and congratulatory messages. I’m truly overwhelmed but KQ has not yet selected who gets to do the inaugural US flight. It was a press assumption after a media event I recently attended with the US Secretary of Trade. I hope I get the honour though,” Koki wrote on Twitter.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Hours after filing this story, Obino died in a hit-and-run  road accident on Thika Road. 

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