Fishermen want cage fishing suspended in Lake Victoria

George Odiwuor

Fishermen in Lake Victoria want the court to suspend cage fishing until investigations are done to establish the quality of traps used.

The fishermen have threatened to take legal action against firms and individuals operating cage fishing, some of which are said to be installed unprocedurally. 

Led by National Beach Management Units (BMU) chair Tom Guda, they blamed the cages for declining stock in the lake. According to the fishermen, there are 763 cages in Lake Victoria, who also claimed that some of them are installed on their transport routes and others in reeding grounds which trap fingerlings.

“Some of the accidents that are witnessed in the lake are caused by illegal cages which are installed unlawfully. Our fisherman do not operate their boast using the Global Positioning System (GPS) therefore they crash into the cages at night,” said Guda.

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