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Grown men need to move out of hostels!

Hostels in campus are glorified dormitories;  they are dormitories which made it to university. If any high-school kid thought that they shall be over with the metallic 3’ 5’ beds with wire meshes at the bottom of a razor blade mattress when they go to campus, may the Lord pardon their naivety.  Hostels are synonymous with double deckers; the root of all evil in campus, where the population is acutely multiplied by the rate of babies made here. And it baffles me how ninjas sway and roll on top of a decker and not hit the ceiling or fall (someone applaud my frail attempt on poetry!)

Personally, I feel that this hub of sin should be left for first and second years who are still settling down in campus and drowned in the excitement of the  freedom, not grown-up third and fourth years that are mature enough to begin setting their lives straight. I just don’t get how  a full-grown man who spends two hours shaving a beard craws up a double decker. Those third and fourth years living in hostels are just overgrown babies who are not ready to take up responsibility.

Real men in campo are hustling day in, day out to pay rent and start creating a home for themselves.  They may not be living in the best places but those are prospective hard workers who have known the real face of responsibility. They are the MBpreneurs who , to make ends meet, will struggle and sell ‘wild bundles’ (Mbs Mwitu) to double decker babies so that the lot can disturb Kenyans by setting standards on twitter! They are the creative businessmen who will struggle and open a Play station kiosk so that the double decker babies can spend their time playing FIFA. That is why, he will graduate with a fully furnished house, while the flip side latter will only have three inherited mattresses, four stolen blankets and those Sh3,500 subwoofers that are always on explosive mode.

Personally, these lazy souls don’t deserve to subject anybody’s daughter to the torture of those steel beds, the thin mattresses and bedbugs.  These terrorists are too lazy to hustle, where do they get the energy to sweat on top of somebody’s daughter? Ladies, make him know responsibility and starve that brute till he rents a bedsitter!  You don’t want to marry a baby who doesn’t know the meaning of bills.  If he can’t, dump that creature for a real man who has started setting his priorities right.

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