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Men’s inner-wear 4 Fs

Why is something that is worn daily given little interest? I have done a personal survey and the main thing that stood out is that majority of men are not fans of inner-wear shopping.

One, they are terrible at it and two, most are embarrassed of the idea. However, they should avoid being that guy that replenishes their inner-wear supply every five years.

The most common types of boxers that men wear are loose fit boxers, trunks and boxer briefs. Here are some of the factors to consider when shopping for inner-wear.


This comes with comfort, and it varies, as some prefer loose, while others would rather fitting ones. It also depends on the occasion. For example, you shouldn’t wear a loose fit boxer with a suit or skinny jeans.


Always stick to cotton. Other fabrics can be uncomfortable, especially in hot weather.


Just like any other clothing that is worn regularly, buy inner-wear often, rather than waiting for them to wear off and lose colour.


Avoid cartoon or immature prints. Imagine if it happens to peep as you bend, and yellow SpongeBob peeps too. Yikes! It’s better to go for a plain colour. It’s simple and classic.

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