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Zip lining emprise that never was


Limuru might be synonymous with its freezing temperatures and foggy atmosphere, but that didn’t deter me from looking forward to a zip lining adventure at Limuru’s Kereita Forest.

Make no mistake I was really pumped up for this expedition, but at the same time, I had jitters. I had an unpleasant experience when I went exploring at another forest. The experience had me admitted in hospital for two weeks, so the Kereita exploit was me trying to get over my fear.

The drive there was smooth, but at a certain point we took a wrong turn and ended up in a ditch. Lucky for us though, a few good Samaritans helped us get back on the right track.

We arrived on the dirt road leading to the forest about an hour after we had left Nairobi. The website doesn’t include the fact that the murram road is really narrow; therefore, I would advise one to opt for a 4×4 car.

The long murram road is about three kilometres long, which took us a treacherous 25 minutes on the ride. The plus side of the murram road stretch is the signs that lead you to the place. They are precise; including the slowed drive let’s you take in the breathtaking scenery leading to the forest.

When we finally arrived, my jitters were through the roof, but I was not certain if I would go through the zip lining exercise. I had already paid for the activity, so I decided there was no way I was going to back out.

We head off to the checkpoint where instructions were issued. We were then directed to the training station for zip liners and the butterflies in my stomach wouldn’t stop making a fuss. I really wasn’t comfortable with the whole ordeal I was about to partake.

The instructors were respectful and clear about every little detail, which was a plus in my book. And when it came time to engage in the actual adrenaline-upping zip lining, I was engulfed in fear and I sadly couldn’t go through with it.

I guess I wasn’t past my trauma, as I had previously thought. I completely chickened out and couldn’t do it. I wasn’t really disappointed in myself, for I just acknowledged that I needed more time to get over my fears. It was a good first step and I am indeed looking forward to next time.

I watched as others screamed their heads off as they took the first step off the board, gliding across the zip line and I couldn’t help but smile.

If zip lining is not up your alley, one can engage in other interesting activities provided for in the forest such as mountain biking, paint balling, archery, nature walks, fly fishing, horse riding and camping. For now, I am still gathering courage to head out to my next venture, albeit after I am convinced that all the fear has disappeared!

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