Europe’s decorative paint giant enters Kenyan market

Jackson Njange @PeopleDailyKe

Kenya’s interior design firm, Studio6 Interiors, has announced partnerships with European-based decorative paint manufacturer Oikos  and furniture manufacturer In Contra Group to increase its capacity and tap onto the housing pillar under the State’s ‘Big Four agenda’.

According to Studio6 CEO, Monica Kung’u, the deals will promote environmental conscious construction and provision of eco-friendly paints, to aid stakeholder projects achieve green building status. Oikos is an Italian company that manufactures premium water-based, eco-friendly paint products.

In the deal, Studio6 diversifies into supply of environmental-friendly wall covering solutions. “We are here to play an integral role in State’s transformative ‘Big Four’ agenda by offering strategic advisory on use of sustainable eco-friendly paints, supply of quality products at competitive prices and boosting capacity of painters,” she said.

Oikos Export Manager, Jonathan Sharpe expressed optimism in the deal, citing Kenyans dedication to clean environment. He said the partnership will seek to open Kenya’s access to top of class green products made from natural elements that are safe and deliver that perfect finish to projects.

“We look to offer no-harm material from Italy, presented to allow architects and interior designers to fully express themselves in terms of colour, texture, the relationship of the paint with light and technical performance needed or aesthetis required for a specific space,” said Sharpe.

A similar deal with furniture maker, In Contra Group will see Studio6 diversify its products. In Contra Group CEO, Ivano Gevicchi, said all of its office and home furniture products would be available through Studio6.

“There is a demand for medium to high-end bathroom furniture, office furniture, spa furniture, hospital and clinics furniture. Through this partnership, Studio6 Interiors is going to be a truly one-stop shop for all your interior construction needs,” said Ivano. Studio6 also announced training of 1,000 painters in a move to seize the decorative labour market.

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