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David Wonder, gospel artiste

Best moments on stage?

Anytime I sing live. It creates lifetime memories.

Worst public experience? 

Well, one day, I was walking around the central business district. A guy just approached me and said I had not washed my face, pointing my lower lip. I just realised I had left some toothpaste while brushing my teeth. That was so embarrassing.

Best hobby?

I would say I love playing video games, Mortal Kombat to be specific. 

Worst habit? 

That’s a rhetorical question. I will pass. 

Best food? 

Chapo, beef and some spinach. An  avocado might work as well. 

Worst advice ever received? 

School is not the end of life. Talk about peer pressure in high school.

Best thing about being an artiste? 

You get to inspire people, especially young ones. Being a gospel artiste puts one on the spotlight as people look up to you. Also, the society expects so much from us because we have been called to be like Jesus Christ. 

Lowest moment this year? 

Well, this year has been one of my best, so I can’t really say I have been low at any moment. 

Best prank? 

A friend once called just to tell me I have been chosen to perform in State House. I fell for it just to realise it was a prank. 

Worst place you have ever visited? 

 Isinya. Well it’s not because its a bad place, but it’s just that I was broke when I was there, so it was really tough on me. 

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