Maraga pledges tough approach to corruption cases

Chief Justice David Maraga yesterday said no effort will be spared in the fight against corruption. He told magistrates and judges to ensure personal integrity, adding that any judicial officer caught in the web of corruption will face the music.

“Corruption constitutes the single biggest threat to the rule of law and social and economic progress of the people of Kenya,” Maraga said during the swearing-in of Justice William Ouko as the President of the Court of Appeal.

“I have given firm instructions that corruption cases shall be heard on a day-to-day basis. The days when such cases took up to five years or even longer to determine are a thing of the past. The Judiciary will, however, not be used as a scapegoat or a convenient whipping boy in this war. No one should expect a conviction if there is no incriminating evidence,” he said.

He promised that the Judiciary will play its role in the war against graft and he was seeking more resources to ensure criminal cases were afforded priority for faster resolution.

“The accusation of corruption has been made against the Judiciary. It may well be mere perception but we also know that there is no smoke without fire.

The Judiciary is accused of not convicting “big fish”, the common view being that the “big fish” will go to any lengths, use the ill-gotten wealth to engage the best lawyers, interfere with witnesses and compromise magistrates and judges to avoid a conviction,” he said.

Maraga challenged investigative and prosecutorial agencies to handle their dockets professionally to ensure the corrupt and their cronies are convicted and punished.

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