The day I told my employer off

What is worse than having to explain to your employer that you dislike a certain chore? For me, that chore is doing dishes.  First of all, why do I have to do dishes three times in a day? Why can’t it be like laundry?

I really don’t like how Mama Mtoto will wait until I am done doing dishes then she will suddenly remember the bowl of pasta that she hasn’t eaten. Kwanza when she has not gone to work, she is the worst!

Now the other day, I called her out! She was shocked and pissed off all at the same time. I had just finished preparing lunch. It was on Saturday. We all ate, but she was on her phone the whole time. I figured she wasn’t hungry.

When Lauren and I were done, I proceeded to doing the dishes. There were not many, so I was done in about 10 minutes.

When I was just about to dry the dishes for storage, Mama Mtoto comes sauntering in, picked a plate, glass of juice and served food.  Then when she was done, she placed the dishes in the sink. Now I know I probably shouldn’t be complaining, but I had to tell her, it was getting out of hand.

When I mentioned that I don’t appreciate the habit, she just looked at me, eyes wide open, kept silent for a while, said okay and then she walked away. A fairly good response if you ask me.

 Well almost, because after that she kept asking me “Do you like doing laundry’? ama “utapanguza viatu ama hupendi hiyo pia’? It has been a rough week, but what matters is that she got the point.

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