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Things millennials should worry about but they don’t

It is in black and white that the youngsters of today have a lot on their plate. A lot that is not really worth the worry they put in. Here are some of the things that they should give two cents about as opposed to what to wear and what camera selfie is the best as Grace Wachira pens

1. Financial security

The habit of not feeling settled or happy at a job is fast kicking in and millennials think that the world owes them happiness and gratification by them working at jobs they love.

The ‘I’m happy narrative’ is not for everyone. No one in their right minds wants to be in between jobs. They land opportunities and blow them off just as fast.  They do not think about earning a living and securing the job.

Millennials ought to work for the money and set their lives up, build names for themselves and make it worth their while. A months experience has never been on a hiring requirement description.

2. Networking and circle of friends

These individuals are so into how many followers, likes or retweets they garner on social media, yet social media is really a smoke screen.

How about they base their net worth on the number of real life friendships and networks that can actually come in handy when help is needed, relationships that will catapult them into achieving the best version of themselves.

Do not kill yourself over the 13 likes you got and 351 followers you have on Instagram, no one, except your family really likes and keeps up with you anyway.

3. Social media activity

As if suffering mild depression bouts about social media presence is not enough, millennials are out there posting all sorts of things on social media in a muffled cry for attention.

Gone are the days a diary was where you put down your thoughts. What’s on your mind is the most answered question. Pictures and post do not need those long captions, they speak a 1000 words just fine by themselves.

With the changing job market paradigm shift, employers will run through social media pages and arrive at decisions easily.

Don’t lose your relationship or job over your social media reputation, guard it with your life. A good name goes a long way, ask the guy who beat his chest up on Facebook after ‘having fun’ with an underage schoolgirl.

4. Country and current affairs

This is the last thing on their minds. These sort of matters are left to the older folk who are in touch with the budget that was read two weeks back and the handshake that changed the political climate yet the country will be left to them.

Sad how the rebirth or death of a nation bothers them the least. We all know who will foot the heavy price of the loans we receive after all is said and mostly done. Hashtags are the way to go for the keyboard warrior generation.

5. Consuming habits

The 21st century has seen the upscale of fast food consumption and Internet along with it. Millennials should be wary that the junk food they ingest will in the long run show its true colours, thanks to a myriad of lifestyle diseases. Internet consumption ropes in screen time and hello back pains and visual impairment.

Even with a few coins, living the life is key for millennials. The latest home theatre system is a must, yet unnecessary. The trendy habit consumes the consumer.

6. YOLO featuring FOMO

You Only Live Once and the Fear Of Missing Out are the father and mother of bad decisions. There is no faster way millennials run themselves to the ground.

Unfortunately, the in joints and events are must attends yet financially, the levels oscillate in different margins. If ripped jeans that cost a fortune are trendy, backs will be broken just so they can fit in.

If it’s happening at south Coast, travel arrangements will be executed yet they are just for a while. This should be the last thing on their minds, if they indeed have a working life plan.

7. Individual security

The where and when are the prerequisites of having fun. How to get home or have the actual fun is the least of their concern. Mugging will be narrated in a detailed post on social media, which will end with: ‘inbox me your contacts’ #ImSafe, but that’s if you are lucky to make it out alive.

8. Conduct of affairs

The rise in satisfying fetishes is clear. Millennials give into their lusts in the oddest of places. Such oddities are becoming a norm in the name of forbidden fruits tasting sweeter. You will find this blokes in the parks or basements or parking lots going about their business. Shots or cuffs might be fired, but why let it get to that really?

9. Drug culture

It is true that no one will make it out of life alive, but for obvious reasons, some will make it out faster. The substances abused to induce a high will reward with diseases never heard of. Not only will it drain resources and ruin health, but also finances because it is a costly nature.

Even the icon Avicii made his premature exit thanks to a habitual drug lifestyle. It will catch up when least expected and when the family needs them most.

10. Sexuality

Going around the block is no big deal. Multiple sexual partners seems to be such a milestone, literally too and all sorts of relationships have made debuts. Where are we headed though? Who raised these guys?!

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