Government embarks on survey to assess HIV prevalence in counties

The National government has embarked on a HIV/Aids burden survey in counties with a view to detecting whether resources injected on the programme has suppressed viral load or strategies needs to be adopted to fight it.

Kenya Population based HIV-Impact Assessments (Kephia) programme co-ordinator Caren Ayieko said the study scheduled to start immediately will use a new digital diagnosis machines to provide data on HIV prevalence and incidence among Kenyan populations.

 Speaking during the launch in Siaya town, Ayieko said the survey was long overdue because the last one was conducted in 1958 — some 63 years ago.

She said the survey will provide a reference point for future treatment of risk groups, adding that it will also enable them to give each county accurate data on HIV prevalence as opposed to previous data that was not only lumped together but also pegged on mathematics, approximations, triangulations data estimations based on data received from smaller surveys from health facilities.

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