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Consumer lobbies tell State to prioritise food safety policy

Irene Githinji @gitshee

Consumers now want the government to prioritise food safety agenda. Consumer lobbies, led by Consumer Downtown Association (CDA) chief executive Japheth Ogutu yesterday called for transparent validation process to ascertain authenticity and accuracy of certificate of conformity as released from the country of origin.

The demands come in the wake of a controversy surrounding importation of contraband sugar  said to contain lead and copper.

Consumers also urged the government to fast track the Kenya National Food Safety policy, saying it will allow the establishment of the envisaged national food safety authority and national food safety laws.

“We call upon the government to take drastic measures in addressing the issue of food contamination by enacting legislation with stiffer penalties to curtail the actions of unscrupulous traders out to make money at the expense of Kenyans’ health,” said Ogutu.

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