Carry own cross, Atwoli tells officials in sugar saga

Central Organisation of Trade Union (Cotu) secretary general Francis Atwoli now wants culprits behind alleged toxic sugar arrested and prosecuted.

He said officers at the Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs), Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and other agencies should carry their cross for failing in their duties.

“Kebs officials who authorised the contraband sugar into the country, KRA officers who inspected and okayed the code and the Treasury officers who issued the importation licence should all be charged in court,” he said. 

Atwoli spoke at St Christopher’s Catholic Church in Machakos county yesterday where he also called on the government to immediately withdraw suspicious sugar from the shelves, and have it destroyed.

“The government must take serious measures and ensure contaminated sugar is destroyed with immediate effect. We want to see prominent people arrested because they are involved,” he said.

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