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How looking yourself in the mirror can save your relationship

A couple of years ago, we were having coffee with a few friends in a restaurant. And as we were chatting, we noted a young man outside who was busy sprucing himself using the restaurant window as a mirror.

Unbeknown to him, as he could not see us, but we could see him, we were seeing everything that he was doing and it was funny.

Obviously, a window and a mirror are both made of glass, but serve different functions. The basic purpose of a window is to allow in light, but you can also use it to look outside.

A mirror on the other hand is meant for seeing your reflection. It gives you your image, just as you are. It can’t lie no matter how much you ask it “mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all.”

We can go through life, especially our relationship with our significant other by either looking into the mirror or out of the window.

As long as two people come together, and live together, there is bound to be a lot of friction. Conflict will happen and nothing is wrong with that as long as we resolve it well.

Some people try to resolve conflict by looking outside the window. They blame everything that went wrong on their spouse.

If he or she didn’t do that, I wouldn’t have done this. Looking at everything and everybody else as the source of your unhappiness is looking out of the window.

On the other hand, you can chose to look at yourself squarely on the face in the mirror. You begin to go inward and take a look at the hot button your spouse pressed in you.

Yes, they may have said this and that or did or didn’t do this or that, but why does that make you react? What issues are there within you?

What is it that your spouse does that drives you up the wall? As you critically look at it, are you seeing yourself in the mirror? Are they mirroring back who you are or what you also do to them?

So, next time you are mad with your spouse, don’t be quick to look outside the window, go and look at yourself in the mirror, what you see might just save your marriage.

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