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Of crammed bedsitters and over-attended ‘house parties’

Michael Muraya @michael_muraya

Most campus students if not all either live in hostels or rented single rooms and the proverbial bedsitters. For those new to the word bedsitter, let me shed some light on your pretty dark world.

A bedsitter is a glorified single room with a sink and an toilet/bathroom. The only difference between a single room and a bedsitter is that you don’t have to walk across an entire hall to go to the bathroom or queue outside one.

These singles with detached loos can really be a curse if you have a running stomach! So, most, really, prefer bedsitters because after-all, who loves the idea of sharing a common loo with an entire floor? All towns where there is a university around, have an acute infestation of bedsitters.

Actually, I think that if bedsitters were to be uprooted from Juja, the place would only be left with JKUAT and a few scattered pork butcheries. It’s even thicker in Thika.

Bedsitters are located in an area they call “Runda”. If you know of someone in Mount Kenya University in Thika who prides that they live in Runda, don’t be deceived by the fake accent to believe that it’s a high-end gated community.

Despite the fact that these bedsitters are small in size, campo peeps are not deterred from partying! There are more bedsitter bashes than there are class-work meetings just incase you are wondering where this generation is headed.

Every weekend half of the flat will be in competition over who has louder music in their party than who, with those Sh3,500 subwoofer speakers bought with Helb money and betting winnings, especially now during World Cup.

They call them house parties. But that’s technically a room party really, I’m not hating. I have watched American college movies I know what a house party looks like. It’s in a real house where people get lost in the many rooms.

It is not a single room where all your shoes get lost and never to be found. All the same, bashes are still held across the whole semester.

I don’t know what these people have to party about all the time. You can imagine more than 30 drunk people crammed in a small room with annoyingly loud music.

They all want to dance, but there is no space. It is tricky, especially in dim light. It’s so crowded and you have no idea who you are dancing with. You will later see a video clip of how you seriously wiggled for your fellow man and you shall always live in trauma!

It gets worse when some want to do hand stands and acrobatic moves. I know one who did acrobatic moves and knocked a weave off a lady! It doesn’t end there.

If you attend such and leave with your phone and cash in tact, then the Lord in heaven must really love you, so much, he probably assigned you 19 guardian angels.

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