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Of wathii who don’t open the windows

After my colleagues and I collectively conveyed our dismay with matatu passengers who never find discomfort in an airtight stuffy vehicle, I had a ridiculous incident on a Thika Road jav.

Some PSVs have annoyingly nailed-to-the-seal windows that never open, so passengers just put up with the mix of their breath to other smells wafting from each of them. Other people, however, barely ever bother to slide the windows for fresh air.

Now, I understand that with all the thugs in the city, it’s probably best to keep them shut when you’re using your phone.

However, when you think of all the airborne diseases you could take home to your family, then maybe you’ll consider keeping the phone in your bag or pocket and open the windows to let those sneezes get breezed out.

It’s very easy to catch maladies like TB or even common flu, which might seem mild, but it comes with pain, costs and discomfort.

Anyway, I got in a jav and sat by the isle. There were a lot of vacant seats around me, but some dude chooses to join me and so, I pave my legs from the way and let him scoot in by the window side. When I got in, the first thing I did was pry the window open.

This guy sits down and yanks it completely shut. So, I politely ask him to slightly open it, but he doesn’t. He just says he is freezing. But Wednesday wasn’t so cold. The previous day, the met department had said Wednesday will thaw out a bit because it would be more than five degrees warmer than Tuesday had been. It was a warm beautiful day.

The nganya wasn’t moving yet, so it was getting really hot inside. I was in so much discomfort and sweating profusely. I just thought I might as well open the damn thing if my seatmate wasn’t keen, at least until it starts moving.

But when I did that, he almost torched me with a sneer. Then he told me: “Madam, huskii naskia baridi?!” Then he shut it again with so much force and looked outside the window the whole time.

This cold season is a proper breeding period of all kinds of airborne diseases. Some of them will be from your neighbours in that nganya. So, as you eat your fries in an airtight jav, with people sneezing and coughing around you, think twice and think of all kinds of germs and bacteria you’re ingesting. It also doesn’t hurt to not look at your phone the whole way, not unless you have an emergency.

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