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You may now kiss, or not?

English rapper Big Shaq of the Man’s Not Hot fame finally took off his jacket in his latest release, Man Don’t Dance, where the girl eventually thinks he’s serious and they end up tying the knot, but not kissing.

The white-clad groom quickly pulls back when his excited bride moves in for the closing kiss and tells her; “Baby, just relax…we’ll go do de private ting”. The girl is unfazed, where others would cringe in embarrassment.

This makes me wonder if couples ever discuss this moment before their nuptials take place. Some people say that brides are usually the ones who look forward to this intimate closing that follows the pronouncement of marriage.

Others say it’s the groom, yet others think it’s audience that pressures a couple into displaying this affection to the dismay of the couple, while some think that the duo is always happy to share the kiss in the presence of family and friends.

Some couples avoid the kiss all together, due to religious or cultural beliefs, and perhaps shyness, which is okay, I guess. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to share a brief lip-lock before your loved ones as you start a new life.

However, those who don’t want to do it must tell their partners beforehand, to avoid awkwardness that could become social media ridicule in this age of over-sharing.

If you both want to top it off with the kiss but are shy because your grandparents will be there, then you can talk to them and let them know that this will happen. They should not have qualms with it. It’s not their day or wedding.

I also don’t really believe that it’s only women who look forward to kissing on that day. I’m yet to come across a legitimate survey that portrays this.

I think the problem would be if a partner or both are terrible kissers and those watching get to witness it. Omg, I would die. So, maybe the secret is to keep it brief and less deep; maybe two to three seconds to save the day.

There are couples that don’t discuss the kissing part and when the time comes, they automatically float towards one another in coordination and flawlessly kiss. Which means different rules apply for different couples. But really, it should not be this complicated. It’s just a kiss and not ‘de private ting’.

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