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Answered prayer

Marcella Akinyi

How did you meet?

Hellen: It was some time in December 2012.  I was applying for a part time job at a firm within the CBD because I was in my final year in campus, and he was an assistant manager there.

I gave him my CV, which had my phone number. The first question he asked me at first sight was, “Are you married?’’ At the time, I was not ready for such questions, so I brushed him off… only for us to part ways and reunite later in November 2015.

How long did you date?

We dated for almost two years after a long time of being casual friends.

How was the process of planning your wedding?

It was a little bit hectic because it was one month after our ruracio (traditional wedding). However, I knew what I wanted, which helped a lot. Initially, I had thought of hiring a wedding planner, but I realised I could do it with the help of a few friends, so we came up with a small committee.

Tell us about your wedding theme

Hellen Nyambura Groom: Patrick Kabue say “Yes I do”.

I chose turquoise green and wine red. I love red because it’s the colour of love and we wanted to blend it with a cool colour, so hubby chose turquoise green.

Initially, our theme colours were orange and luminous green, but we dropped them as it was during a political season.

You had a fairly large bridal party. How did you choose your bridesmaids?

Waaaah… It was a challenge because so many ladies from my village wanted to be in the line-up, but I had to come up with a manageable number, so I picked close family members and few friends; those who are more than sisters.

What did you look for when choosing your wedding vendors?

I wanted something neat and elegant, so I had to look for vendors who did not compromise when it came to class.

Any challenges faced?

We had little time to plan. Secondly, distance. My in-laws are from the Coast. Also, relatives had their own wedding in mind and I had a totally different idea! (Laughs).

What were your big day’s highlights?

When I was leaving the house and my dad held my hand passionately, handing me over to the new parents. Gosh! That was fresh. Also, when my parents walked me down the aisle and when I said ‘yes, I do’. Again, when Patrick said that I was an answered prayer. That was deep.

Advice to couples planning a wedding?

Always remember there is the wedding day and the marriage life thereafter. Also, every woman has her own different wedding, try as much as possible not to copy. Do what you can, within your means. Again, love your spouse regardless. Remember, his/her weakness should always remain your secret. Women, submit to your husbands.

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