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Here, whisky flows like flooded river

Whenever I think of Kiambu Road, what comes to mind is the now popular ‘kuku bahati’ delicacy I devoured a year back. But apart from that, good meat and a Sunday plan also clicks.

So, I recently checked out this new club in Ridgeways that has been the talk of town since it was opened a few months ago. You know how ‘us guys of Nairobi’ like to run after things that are new and trendy…

I was at this new joint just two weekends ago and I had share fair of fun.  Whisky River Lounge gives me that interesting vibe of 1824 in Lang’ata, especially because of its outdoor setup. The difference between the two is that the Kiambu Road establishment has a more modern setup, with the styled seats giving it a proper lounge feel.

This drinking hole is just a simple metal structure, which gives it a cool rustic touch. From me, the ambience in this place gets a rating of 8/10. Another thing that stood out for me was the fact that they only serve three kinds of meals; chicken, fish and beef.

That makes it easier for them to deliver food in good time for the hungry and thirsty customers. If I can speak for all revelers, food is a must have before indulging in alcohol. And I really don’t want to wait an hour for food. At the lounge, I got my beef fry order after just 15 minutes. That was impressive.

The prices, both for food and drinks can be said to be pocket friendly, especially when compared to the lounge’s closest neighbour, Jikoni’s. Beer goes for Sh250, while the bottles range from anywhere between Sh3,000 and 12,000, depending on brand and type.

They also have a separate sitting area for bottle services, which is not really a VIP area. At least, French fries here go for Sh150 and the quantity is worth the tag.

So, generally, my maiden visit at this new place gave me a feeling that it could be a nice hangout joint, especially on long weekends.

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