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Frasha defends his role in viral raunchy video

while ago, a video clip starring rapper Frasha enjoying some fun moments with a number of women went viral, after fellow rapper Prezzo shared it on social media.

While at it, his fans and critics alike were quick to judge that the one-third member of rap group, P-Unit, as promiscuous. The judgment was something that seemed to have put off Frasha, to a point that he decided to give an explanation about the clip in question. According to him, people — including friends — can be quick to judge on a matter they have little or no knowledge of.

“… You see I have come to realise people even those you think they know you and what you stand for are never there for you in this generation. If they see one negative thing about you they will all distance them selves…

The clip above was part of a music video #chocha and to be sincere I don’t even know one of the vixens name coz it was just part of a set (sic),” he wrote on his social media pages.

Frasha added: “Bt you see the world is quick to judge people and have perceptions based on social media. We live in a generation of social madness and social media addiction. We think of numbers and views and how far one can go to increase there numbers (sic).”

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