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FlySAX crash report due in three months

Robin Obino @obinorobin

Families of the people who died in the ill-fated FlySax plane that crashed in Aberdare Forest early this month will have to wait for at least three months to know the cause of the accident.

A preliminary report into the probable cause of the June 5 crash yesterday said some components of the plane recovered at the scene were taken abroad for analysis and a report is expected in about a month’s time.

Presenting the report yesterday, Transport Cabinet secretary (CS) James Macharia said the aircraft was airworthy and the two pilots were experienced.

The CS refuted claims the pilot was misled by air traffic controllers to fly at 11,000 feet above sea level, instead of the 15,000 but declined to elaborate.

“The crew chose to fly at 11,000 feet they were cleared to go up to 13,000 feet but preferred to remain at 11,000 feet. The reason for that I do not know and I cannot say much because the matter is still under investigation. But the news that you are reading from media is false,” he said.

The CS insisted that the plane was well equipped and it was last serviced on May 14.

Martyn Lunani, from the Aircraft Accident Investigation Unit explained that the Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) was also in good condition, contrary to allegations that it was faulty which led to the delayed location of the plane.

The aircraft was flying at a speed of 156 knots (289 km/h) at the time the approach radar controller reported loss of radar contact with it.

A search rescue mission was activated a minute later but it was not after more than 48 hours later that the bodies were located at the Aberdare summit.

The ongoing investigations are being conducted by the ministry of transport, the civil aviation authority (CAA), and FlySax.

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