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Shawn Osimbo, Sports presenter at K24

What was your best childhood nickname?

Surprisingly, I never had one.

Best thing about being a sports presenter?

Getting to interact with different sports personalities across the board and presenting all the updates in the sporting world.

Best team during the ongoing FIFA World Cup?

Belgium. It has a star-studded squad, fast-paced and has an interesting midfield.

What’s the nicest thing someone has ever told you?

That I am smart, creative and I have a good heart. It did make me want to push further and be better.

Some of the best and worst moments you recall in your childhood days?

Best moments would be spending time with my parents, especially watching football with my dad. (Oh how I miss those days). Worst would be losing my grandmothers in a span of five years. It still makes me sad when I think about it. 

Best moments out of your busy schedule?

Reading books, shopping and just relaxing.

Worst habits?

Biting my nails, but I stopped. 

The best place that you always like to go and think?

In the countryside. Fresh air, no traffic and good food made by my old folks.

What’s the worst thing that all your love interests had?

Their ego. Humility does go a long way.

The best age that you have ever lived?

Twenty-one. I have some interesting times. I smile alone when I think of the things that I did, however, I have no regrets. Everything we do shapes us and makes us better people.

Favourite object that would complete your home?

A black Bosch fridge with french doors.  It would most definitely complete my home and make my kitchen pop with colour and class.

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