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Court dismisses bid to block Cuban doctors

The 100 Cuban doctors contracted by the National government can now get down to work after the High Court dismissed a bid by their Kenyan counters challenging their hiring.

Employment and Labour Relations Court judge Onesmus Makau said the Kenyan doctors did not present evidence to prove the government violated the law in recruiting the Cubans.

“The petitioners have not proved that the doctors rights and the rights of other specialised doctors were infringed by the decision to hire Cuban doctors,” said the judge.

Justice Makau also said the petitioners failed to show that unemployed Kenyan doctors possess the same skills as the contracted Cuban medics.

He, however, said the government erred by not factoring in doctors’ union and the public  views before hiring the foreigners.

The court decision clears the path for the Cuban specialists, who will be deployed in all counties across the country.

The doctors include critical care physicians, cardiologists, orthopaedic surgeons, plastic reconstructive surgeons, nephrologists, urologists, a neurosurgeon,  endocrinologists and family physicians.

They arrived in the country  on June 6 and are currently undergoing induction at Kenya  School of Government, from where they will be deployed to counties.

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