Smoke out sex pests, CS tells school heads

Reuben Mwambingu @reubenmwambingu

Education Cabinet secretary Amina Mohamed has told principals to rid schools  of sex pests behind rising cases of sexual harassment in learning institutions “because they know the culprits”.

She said no effort should be spared in exposing the criminals to make schools safe.

Speaking at the official opening of the 43rd Kenya Secondary School Heads Association Annual Conference, at Wild Waters in Mombasa, Amina said defilement is a crime and whoever is culpable of it be it a principal, a teacher or subordinate staff would be dealt with as a criminal.

The CS reminded the 8,000 secondary school heads that they are all charged with the responsibility of leading thousands of secondary schools in the country and therefore they must expose the pedophiles in school, adding that as CEOs of schools, they are in a position to understand in details what goes on in their institutions.

“Such individuals will be treated as criminals no matter who they are because the life of that child they defile will never be the same again. As schools you know who these criminal are and you must root them out. Don’t allow them ruin the future of our children,” Amina said, adding: “Although we have previously had security breaches in schools, the trend in Second Term has been worse.”

At the same time,Teachers Service Commission (TSC) chairperson Lydia Nzomo has asked head teachers to weed out all unregistered teachers from schools. She said existence of unregistered teachers in schools has been identified as a major loophole and cause of the current spate of sexual harassment in learning institutions.

Nzomo spoke as the National Police Service detailed security loopholes that  need to be sealed.

Staff Officer Police Operations Dominic Kisavi,  singled out shambolic security measures, poor interrogation, indiscipline among students and some teachers as well as tendency to ignore early  warnings to security threats in schools  as some of key issues exposing schools to insecurities.

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