Nyagarama son burial plans put off until the father jets back from US

The burial of Nyamira Governor John Nyagarama’s son may not take place soon, deputy Governor Amos Nyaribo has said.

He said burial arrangements of Ndemo Nyagarama, 44,  could kick off next month after his father, who is undergoing treatment in the United States, jets back. 

“For now, we have suspended the burial arrangements until Governor Nyagarama returns,” said Nyaribo.  Ndemo passed away at Nairobi Hospital on June 11, where he had been admitted in the Intensive Care Unit for more than a month.

The first born son of Governor Nyagarama was suffering from acute meningitis for two months.  Before his death, his father had also been taken to US for specialised treatment.  But the governor’s press director Kefa Miller had earlier said the county chief had travelled abroad to meet investors.

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