Fatherhood no mean responsibility

It is a really underrated role, but paternity is priceless once you hack it...

Yesterday was Fathers’ Day! Yep.

I bet many are those that hardly noticed that. It’s not their fault. The day is as nondescript as fatherhood is undervalued. Besides, Germany and Mexico were dueling on the pitch.

In fact, paternity is one of the most unappreciated, underrated, full-time jobs created by Mother Nature. And we are not talking about sperm-donating males here, so ‘dead-beats’ please put your hands down.

Reference here is to the sort of men who are custodians of the children’s nail cutter —because they do the weekly trimmings.

The men that will know the diaper on the baby is the ‘wrong’ brand —because they have participated in the sanitary exercise a number of times.

You know, the dudes who are actual participants in their tots’ growing up. It’s not easy, being a father, that is. If it were, so many men wouldn’t run away from it.

Take the wails from those little mouths for example. They are terribly hard on man. Women, according to research, have an in built system that can shut out the crying annoyance.

In fact, some experts advocate for some method of teaching kids called “self-soothing”. In layman’s language, it is called “letting baby cry self to sleep”. Mothers do it. Across the gender line, the cries cause maddening explosions in the male head.

Yet, fathers will brave through the raw cries, alternating the nightly vigil to give the mother time to sleep. And nothing stinks like a baby’s poo to a male nose. Looks terrible too. Besides, getting the diaper on correctly is pretty hard with a vision compromised by the contorted face.  More so, the male hand is  created for delicate tasks such as those involving young, fragile bums. Yet, a father will bluff through the process.

Again, fatherhood is hard. But  nothing generates more pleasure than being a success at it. Ask any father, a real father. Happy Father’s Day colleagues! 

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