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Rosemary Teka, lead planner and owner, Splendid Events

Marcella Akinyi

When did you start your business and what inspired you to venture into décor and flowers?

I started planning weddings about eight years ago, but I soon discovered that I was developing more interest on flowers as I planned more weddings. In addition, I developed a passion to see the couple’s vision executed thoroughly, and this fueled the interest in décor.

What did you think of the décor at Meghan and Harry’s royal wedding?

I loved the simplicity and the fact that they chose places where they can highlight and not overwhelm the church with flowers. I loved the use of foliage, which featured a lot, to give the venue a natural feel.

How will the royal wedding inspire the décor trends particularly in the use of flowers?

The white garden roses will definitely become a trend, probably for the rest of the year, and also the use of foliage.

You did the décor at Windsor Hotel for the royal wedding event. What was your inspiration?

I worked with white roses to replicate what had been predicted for the royal wedding. I also used pink roses to add a bit of colour. I added a lot of greenery and hedges to give the venue a natural feel, just as the use of foliage had been predicted.

Rosemary Teka, lead planner and owner, Splendid Events.

Why are flowers important in weddings and why should couples embrace them?

Flowers symbolise life and the continuation of it. They are a symbol of romance, and we know that red roses can be used in different romantic settings.

When arranged well, they add character to a venue, personalising the place and bringing out the couple’s taste.

What are some of the mistakes wedding décor vendors make when dealing with clients?

Trying to impose one’s ideas on the couple instead of allowing them to have a say on what they wants. Also, quoting for flowers that will probably not be in season during the couple’s wedding, hence crushing their dream when they do not get them for their big day. Thirdly, duplicating another wedding instead of creating fresh ideas for each client.

Parting shot?

Couples with a wedding coming up should take their time to discuss and agree what they really want on their big day before engaging suppliers, so that they don’t end up duplicating other people’s weddings. They should be more authentic.

—Marcella Akinyi

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