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Bride Jennifer Mwende, groom Kelvin Waweru marries

Marcella  Akinyi

How did you meet?

Jennifer: Love brewed in the classroom. The lecturer, just like in church services, decided we should turn around and at least say ‘hi’ to five people. He was my third, I noted the disarming smile, but I kept my cool. Later on when we began dating, he told me that he noted my smile too, and he had something like a vision that I would one day be his wife.

He didn’t make a move though, up until we met several times in group assignments, and I introduced him to our prayer group. After seven days of prayer and fasting, he officially requested me to be his girlfriend. I wasn’t sure, I wasn’t ready to be a wife yet. We continued as friends… and as they say, the rest is history.

How long did you date?

(Laughs) We are still dating… but let’s say four years.

How was the proposal?

Oh my God! Despite the fact that I love surprises and that I can sometimes read people’s minds, I never expected it. We had started our wedding preps and I officially called all my girlfriends to inform them that I had chosen them as part of my bridal line-up.

My fiancée too was supposed to call his boys. I was meeting the bridesmaids and we had decided to later on meet up with the guys at Pekeshe. Little did I know that he had no meeting with his boys, but was catching up with our best couple. Just as I was chatting with my friends, I heard some sweet poem from the speakers. The girls were paying attention except me.

I assumed that it was someone’s birthday, but then I heard my name. Everyone clapped and shouted for me, and I was escorted by the best man holding roses and a pizza bearing the big question written in petals, to where Kelvin went on one knee! He got me. I keep watching that clip, which did rounds on social media, attracting over 2,000 views.

How was the process of planning your wedding?

Enjoyable, since at a very young age, I had always known how I wanted my big day to be. I had contacts, screenshots and photos saved for over 10 years. My partner too participated, hence minimising the stress. Brides on a Budget Facebook page made it even easier for me. After the free wedding they gave out, I wanted to deal with the service providers who were involved.

What criteria did you use to choose the wedding venue? Our relationship was a byproduct of prayer and fasting. We at one point made a promise in the mountain of the Lord, at midnight in Katoloni Prayer and Fasting Centre, where we had travelled for prayer, that if truly it was His will that we should get married, we would tie the knot in that place. So, our wedding had to happen in the prayer mountain, then we looked for a good venue in Machakos to hold the reception; Vota Lodge.

Any challenges faced?

Most of our service providers were based in Nairobi. Getting something like chiavari seats in Machakos was a nightmare. We were always on the road, but God strengthened us.

What were some of the highlights on your big day?

Huh! Everything, but for the record, worship. My husband led us, it was deep! The presence of God was evident, we forgot our make-up and suits, and all we wanted was to worship our maker. Secondly, the tree planting, for the remembrance of the day. Kelvin says my walk down the aisle too.

Advice to couples?

Put God first, assume nothing, pray about big and minor things; be sensitive to the spirit. Marry your best friend. Never underestimate the power of pre-marital counselling. To women, don’t simplify the process for your husband. It’s Godly. Let him pay dowry and follow the due process. There’s a hidden blessing from parents. A wedding is not an emergency. However, ensure no exploitation; you and him are one team.

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