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A magical vibe by the ocean

Given that there are two of them, I should mention that I’m talking about the second Bidibadu Beach Resort in Diani, Kwale county. Dude, this beachfront base is a gem in the white sands. It is quieter compared to its older sibling that goes by the same name and also sits right on the beach.

With vast open-air space dotted with rustic wooden furniture decked with cushions tailored from khangas and soft lighting in the trees, the vibe at Bidibadu is magical, as its name means. You literally watch or listen to the crashing waves as you sip and eat whatever you wish.

Humongous trees within the property provide sufficient cover from the hot sun and thus a roof is unnecessary. There’s, however, shaded area close to the bar and an upstairs lounge where people can hang out to escape the flying white sand carried by the sometimes-chilly breeze bellowing from the Indian Ocean.

The bar is fully stocked with different liquor brands that cater to the diverse patrons who constantly stream in, whether it’s the high or low season.

It’s always popping both during the day and night and the ticking thing is that it doesn’t get terribly crowded. While they also play good music, theirs is not as loud, which is really good because it allows you to have conversations without having to shout.

This is where I started learning how to play pool with the help of the friendly team that made me feel so welcome and spoiled. It’s where I first touched the cue stick and hit a ball after missing several times as I enjoyed a cold cider beer.

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