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Western discipline tribunal to deliberate on Koyonzo punishment

Western Region secondary schools governing council will deliberate on the disciplinary measures to be imposed on Koyonzo Secondary School after they caused an abandonment of their U19 boys’ Group A match against Chavakali at Mumias Central Primary, Kakamega county.

The tie was abandoned in 32nd minute after fans believed to support Koyonzo invaded the field in protest of Chavakali’s second goal that was scored by Steward Omondi after pouncing on a restarted drop ball which the opponents protested claiming Chavakali violated fair play spirit with centre referee Suleiman Wafula allowing the goal to stand.

After stopping the match for over half an hour without any signs of fans calming down the centre referee called off the match for the safety of match officials and opposing team.

Chavakali coach Hillary Muleri regretted the act, which he termed as primitive and should not be tolerated in any kind of sporting discipline especially in school games.

“It was terrible and so much devastating as the players were affected with kind of hooliganism that was meted upon them, three of my players were injured in the scuffle and are undergoing treatment.

“I know those concerned with managing school sports at regional level will reach an agreement that will in future scare teams from engaging in this kind of acts that have been overtaken by time,” Muleri said.

Western region secondary schools sports association Quinto Omusugu said that the office will not spare any one engaging in hooliganism and age cheating.

“At this level we want to encourage our students to showcase their talents and also build the spirit of unity among our institutions and anyone violating this kind of noble ideals will face the full force of law.

“We regret the act that saw the match between Chavakali and Koyonzo being aborted and we have gone through the match officials report and we will make a decision,” said Omusugu.

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