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What kind of father are you?

Finally, fathers will have their day this weekend. Some will be lauded, others will be shamed. But before that, here are some dads we deal with each day

Cynthia Mukanzi @cynthia_mukanzi

Father’s Day is around the corner and those who have done well in being present, supportive and nurturing will be lauded with praises. Of course, this celebration should not just be a one-time thing. Every good parent deserves to be appreciated daily. As this day nears, there will be various types of fathers who will be praised or shamed. Some of them will be from this drop-down;

Social media-obsessed dad

The world must know he is the newest dad. And from that moment, he will take every opportunity to post anything about him and his children on social media.

He will be the first to tell all how his baby has crawled at five months, how his baby is cute, how he is the happiest after his baby learnt to call him papa and other bla bla bla..

His Facebook and Insta posts are coloured with selfies with hastags such as  #milestones, #babysdayout, athersonmoments #prouddad, among others. He’s always pulling out his phone to show pictures of his children to anyone. Which is okay, but this ‘proud’  father may put a lot of emphasis on updating the world than he does with changing the diaper.

Deadbeat dad

We have all heard of these men. They will go around sowing wild oats, but abandon them even before they come to the world. Be sure that some of them will cause trouble when another man steps in and gears up the game to take over as a dad.

Deadbeat dads will not want another man to raise their child and so they will frustrate their exes’ relationships and not because they will do their part, but out of selfishness and foolish pride.

Emotionally distant fathers

This guy is completely disconnected from his children. He will provide everything that they need, except emotionally. They will make good friends out there, but fail to bond with their children.

Sometimes, they will cover this up by splashing their children with goodies such as gadgets and expensive toys, but that can never make up for the emotional rejection. They, therefore, end up bringing up emotionally deprived children with tonnes of insecurities and fear.

Authoritarian dad

He is ice-tough, which means whatever he says goes. They instil fear into their children and almost never give them room to speak or express themselves. Does not talk much, but his mere presence is enough to set the children quaking in the knees.

They would rather lock themselves in their rooms or nestle in on their mother than dart an eye towards their father. This fear paralyses their relationship with him and these hinders the desire to bond. Even when the children grow up, they are still secretly afraid of incurring his wrath.

Nurse dad

He doesn’t care about societal roles. He is ready to get hands-on with his children, which means he is sufficiently involved. Changing his child’s diaper is no big deal.

Feeding them, taking them out for lunch or dinner, dropping and picking them from school and supervising homework and reading sessions is a piece of cake for him. He forms deep emotional bonds with them and acquires their trust. Nurse dads can be mushy and unafraid to show their emotions. They are exemplary.

Overprotective dad

He wants to make sure his children walk through their school gate before he drives off. Mr overprotective daddy is willing to drive his children wherever they want to go just to ensure their safety. He may also say no to sleepovers, which could mean his children are out of sight for long and this makes him uneasy.

Boys who approach his daughters may have quite a wall to break through. Sometimes the children might think he is overreacting because his constant shadow over them hinders them from spreading their wings and learning things, sometimes the hard way.

The nostalgic dad

“Back in my time” is the nostalgic dad’s favourite opening line. He likes dishing out advice and comparing how society and times have changed. Nostalgic dads often have a well of amazing stories and lessons to share. He makes you appreciate how you now have a better life thanks to his perseverance and hard work.

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