Speak out on radical groups, teachings

A group of Islamic scholars have asked Muslim clerics to speak out on extremist groups such as al Shabaab recruiting youths to engage in terror activities.

They said it is against Islamic teachings to wage war against innocent people, adding that clerics should not be misled into engaging in radicalisation.

Speaking to Muslim leaders in Mombasa, Sheikh Mudhar Ahmed said youth are soft targets because of skewed Islamic teachings from some institutions saying this could be tamed if all religious clerics co-exist.

He urged Muslims and Islamic organisations across the country to preach peace and tolerance. He further urged the youth to shun extremist groups whose goal is violence.

“Islam does not promote or encourage violence and killing of the innocent. Islamic leaders should speak against violence,” he said.

Their concerns came barely a week after the Sufi Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims, also known as ‘Ahlu Sunna Waljama’a’ urged faithful to shun radical teachings during Ramadhan.

The lobby raised fears that some clerics may take advantage of the Holy Month to preach radical teachings without the youths knowledge.

In his Ramadhan message, Sheikh Omar urged Muslims to take up the challenge of riding the world of radicalisation to save the future of humanity.

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