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My tricky house help risks a boot

The mention of the word, house helps or domestic managers (DMs), as we commonly refer to them, is enough to spike an endless discussion.

In fact, I must say that it has become a tired subject, what with the drama they attract. Now before you dismiss this as yet another boring rant, I’ll tell you why I find it so difficult to fire Yvette, my house help of one year.

Do we ask too much of them?

Finding a perfect DM is as impossible as finding a perfect human being. This is easy to understand and perhaps the reason why we endure those who come to live with us. They will be good on one chore and terrible on another; Heck! It’s as though they have to make up some good with evil.

Yvette has the most loving heart, especially when it comes to my children. She gives my youngest baby full attention and takes good care of my older children.

At only 19, Yvette is the sort of girl that you can rely on to blend in with your children, be their friend and give them a good time. Now, let’s us not talk about the floor behind my sofas. I gave up and do it by myself over the weekends.

Too nice, just not for long

But what do you do with a girl who comes back from an off day at 10pm? And that’s not all, her phone has a problem every Sunday. If it’s not off, then it is inaudible. So you are left wondering what to do if she decides not to show. I have taken days off on several Mondays only for her to show up after 9pm.

Girl walks back in, head hanging in shame, knowing that is all she needs to do to be forgiven. She did just that, this Sunday and got a response she did not expect.

I put my foot down and asked her not to bother coming back to my house after 7pm next week. On that note, I am looking for another house help. Much as I love her work, I live in distress every Sunday. I don’t think I can scare her enough to respect her work.

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