ANC party split between staying in Nasa, ‘killing’ opposition alliance

Amani National Congress (ANC) appeared split right down the middle with top officials differing over whether to walk out of the National Super Alliance (Nasa) or not.

The party, which is a founder member of the coalition, has said through its secretary general Barrack Muluka that “Nasa is not there anymore.” But the statement has not gone down well with some members including deposed secretary general Geoffrey Osotsi, who accused Muluka of ruining party leader Musalia Mudavadi’s political career and ambition.

Addressing a press conference at Parliament Buildings, Osotsi said calls to have Nasa dissolved was a scapegoat aimed at diverting attention from the challenges the officials were having in a bid to merge with Ford Kenya.

“Mudavadi (pictured) is not for the idea to dissolve Nasa. He is a captive of a section of people around him pushing a different agenda from his own ambition,” the Nominated MP said. He accused members of Nasa affiliate parties of being mesmerised by Raila’s name, adding that the opposition leader moved on long ago.

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