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Daddy Q — artiste, music producer at Grip Musiq

Which is your latest gadget?

iPad Air 2. Its 128 GB worth of memory is mind-boggling!

How is it of benefit to you as an artiste and producer?

I use it in sending and receiving emails, taking quality pictures, to preview my video work before it’s released to ensure that the graphics and every aspect is perfect. Also, it is my mobile office and I use it to show my work to my clients. I prefer it to a laptop because I can use it anywhere without fear.

But why do you prefer an android phone over an iPhone?

One of the main reasons I prefer an android phone is that iPhones are so limiting when it comes to sharing of documents and most of my clients are on android.

Which gadget or appliance do you use the most at home?

Singleclue. This is a gesture control device, which I use to control all my home gadgets with just a finger gesture. It controls all my smart gadgets in the house, including the TV.

What would you be if you were a gadget?

I would like to be the smartest gadget; one that can make everyone happy and everyone would wish to have me. Hahaa…

What is the worst gadget you’ve ever had?

Nintendo Switch video game console and Brickgame. They were so boring.

One gadget you cannot stay without?

It’s my phone for sure. It is my mini-office.

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