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Machakos woman wins Sh10m in Lotto Power Draw

A Machakos resident is smiling all the way to the bank after bagging a cool Sh 10 million during the latest Lotto Power Draw held at the weekend.

Catherine Nthenya started playing Lotto in February last year and she ventured into betting to prove wrong those who spread malicious rumours about gaming companies.

In her own words, Catherine says she heard all sorts of discouragement whenever she would inquire, among them the belief that those paraded as winners, especially on television, are never really genuine.

She said many people from her networks have the notion that only people from certain backgrounds are declared winners. It is also rumoured that people in the gaming companies choose friends and relatives who will be beneficiaries of the windfall.

Nevertheless, Catherine has a different story that makes it a good read. The 43-year-old shopkeeper in Machakos county is not a firm believer of hearsay.

Catherine has proof because she knows no one at Lotto, hence her acknowledgement that the betting company is real much as it is honest. Her husband came to learn about her playing Lotto quite recently and he encouraged her to continue putting a wager.

On Saturday night, as she prepared to go to sleep, she received a call that would ultimately change her life for good in form of Ksh 10 million.

The caller told Catherine to be on standby as she had been selected in a draw in Lotto although he did not elaborate. Catherine became anxious and her blood pressure shot up.

When the Lotto man called a second time, Catherine told him she needed to take a break to ease her pressure.The man then dropped the bomb shell, telling Catherine she was the proud winner of Sh 10 million.

What followed was a scene out of the ordinary as Catherine, who is a Standard Eight-leaver, screamed in happiness as she could not imagine that life for her changed for the better.

Catherine’s husband, a retired primary school teacher, gave plaudits to her wife for the life-changing opportunity.  She advises that Lotto is real and that what people see on television is not stage-managed.

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