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Meet Alan Mola, photographer

Alan Mola, photographer 

Biggest misconception people have about you? 

Some of my prospective clients assume I charge an arm and a leg for my photography and video services. This is all because of my CV, which normally includes my days shooting Tusker Project Fame 6 and Coke Studio Africa 2 and 3.

Also, I’ve worked for agencies such as the UN Women, among others. All in all, I’m just an ambitious guy trying to build my small freelancing hustle.

Lowest amount of money received in your day-to-day work?

That would be Sh1,500 from a client who promised to give me more gigs in future. Much later she still came back asking for free shoots which I couldn’t afford to give. It’s tough out here.

Best place ever visited?

I have not yet had the pleasure to travel outside the country. So, for now, my best place is Kilifi,  especially because of the bioluminescence when swimming at night. Purely gorgeous!

Worst habits? 

My worst habits could be making rush judgments at times.

Best advice you can give someone in their 20s?

Live your life at your own pace and see God do something. Everybody has their own destiny, so don’t feel like you’re missing out of something if it doesn’t concern you.

Lowest moment in your life?

When I feel like I am not progressing as I should probably because of various factors such as finances, social or even peer aspects. These moments always come and go.

Best thing about being a photographer? 

Turning a vision or dream into a reality.

Best and worst childhood memory?

Best was when I figured out I want to be a creative and work in the creative industry. Worst was when my first closest friend called Marlon died when we were children. One moment I saw him in hospital the next he was gone. That was sad.

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