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Brunch at the newest city hotel

Have you heard of the new hotel in Westlands on Mkungu close by the name of Mövenpick Hotel & Residences Nairobi? 

Let me revive your memory.  The hotel has a rotating restaurant known as The View, which offers a 360-degree rotation as you sample traditional Swiss delicacies. Mӧvenpick offers dining experiences such as a Latino-themed La Mesa Bar and lounge; the Baluba all-day dining venue showcasing African cuisine; and Kijani Bar, next to the outdoor pool and the lobby café. 

I will give you my stay-in experience another day. I was recently at their newly introduced Brunch at the Baluba. One thing that stole my heart was the dining by the poolside that also offers such a breath-taking view.

Let me give you some early advice; never go ham on a night out when you know you have a brunch to attend the next day. You will have a hard time indulging. I am not saying that happened to my partners or me; I’m just giving you a dining heads up. 

How they lay it down for you at the restaurant is enough to get you full enough to impress prying eyes. They offer six plus stations, the salads, the cold cuts area, dessert a live cooking pasta station, soup, and bread. See, I have been here before and I know I told you it’s hard to impress my palate, but the food here is point-blank amazing. Period. Everything feels so fresh and you can tell the passion is clear.

I skip soup every time I’m having a buffet but I couldn’t skip their mushroom soup. Creamy and hearty, it just best suited the cold weather on a Sunday afternoon. I then went straight to the hot station, where I loaded some rice, mixed vegetable, beef cuts.  That was enough for my plate as soon as I set my eyes on the live BBQ station. 

That rice, I know people would be like there-is-nothing-more to rice, but this one prompted me to ask the chef what type it was. So I could just go play chef at home in future.

For the barbeque section, they had sausages, beef choma samosas, chicken, and lamb. I always go for the fatty pieces,  especially after a night of going ham, and apart from rice and soup, that’s what I would go for.

Then came dessert. One thing that will get you addicted to the Mӧvenpick ӧmenu is their dessert; they even have a chocolate hour every day at 4 pm free for their customers! Would you believe that? 

The desserts are good;  the chef’s know-how is clear in the taste. I loved the varied choices, the textures, the aromas, the quantity of sugar and the perceived sweetness. The salted caramel cup, the mousse… I could go on and on. 

Dessert does not interest me most of the time but the pastry chef at Mövenpick deserves a pat on his back.

They also have a section for kids just in case your thinking of a family plan. And no, the kids don’t have to be in your business all the time. They keep them busy so while you enjoy your many glasses of Sangria, they can make beaded necklaces and paint.

So how much for the brunch, you would ask? The damage for normal brunch is Sh3,800 and for Bottomless Sangria  Sh4,200.  If you love to wine and dine, I suggest you try Bottomless Sangria just so you get the full experience.

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