Merkel slams far-right leader’s ‘shameful’ Nazi remark

  Berlin, Monday

Chancellor Angela Merkel today condemned as “shameful” remarks by a leader of Germany’s far-right AfD party likening the Nazi era to a mere “speck of bird shit” in the country’s long history.

“It is shameful that we have to respond to such comments made by a member of the German Bundestag (lower house of parliament),” Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert told reporters in Berlin.

“The government completely and unequivocally rejects any relativisation, any downplaying of the Nazi crimes,” Seibert said, describing Hitler’s regime and the Holocaust as “a singular crime against humanity”.

It was only because Germans acknowledged their “everlasting responsibility” for the “immense suffering” caused, he added, that the country has been able to once again become a “good partner to other nations”.

Seibert was reacting to comments made at the weekend by AfD co-leader Alexander Gauland, who told members of the party’s youth wing that there was more to the country’s history than the 12 years of the Nazi regime.

“Hitler and the Nazis are just a speck of bird shit in over 1,000 years of successful German history,” Gauland said.

The comments unleashed a storm of criticsm in Germany, including from President Frank-Walter Steinmeier who accused Gauland of seeking to sow new hatred.

Merkel’s spokesman said condemnation of Gauland’s words was shared by “the government, the chancellor and majority of German people”.  — AFP

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