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Old High School habits die slow…

High-school going kids are attributed to some certain peculiar behaviours that are very synonymous with them. Most noticeable is their disturbing texting language that make us curse the inventor of text messages. Their messages go like..”Xaxa xwitie..arxenali wako xauwer!” and the latter will sit back and expect a reply! Wait until you hear them in church singing a gospel song like “Axuxu axuxu..mungu yupoo axuxu..” This behaviour has been carried over to campo with peeps, especially green freshers almost calling themselves ‘frexers in univerxity’ in the crave to speak the damned khoisan! Good thing, these ‘frexers’ shed off the language with time once they realise that campus intellectualls don’t speak idiot.

Another behaviour common with highschool kids is Facebook names that give the perfect reason why humans are not allowed to name themselves! They have names like “Phil-phyllie mxwseet diva Nchabz” which in the real sense is the pimped version of Phillomena Nchabiira! These behaviour is not akin to just the highschool kids. Go to University facebook pages like “New Comrades Forum” and you will be treated to names like Kamchelsea D’mourinho Macally, BonnyWakina SuntonyYaani Gaddafi and a horde of other weird names that depict a sad generation is being brought up.

When high school kids go out for funkies,one of the ways they show love and affection to their boyfriends and girlfriends when they meet, is by exchanging sweaters, t-shirts etc. These campo girls have are acutely reverting campo guys back to that line where affection was shown by exchanging fabrics! They see you in a good t-shirt or a college jacket and the female will cling on you like a tick, pleading and promising anything in return for that piece of clothing. What is it with these people and men’s college jackets? Campo ladies should grow up and buy their own clothes. Men cannot wear a cool college jacket or a cute t-shirt to class without fear of being terrorised! This needs to stop!

Right from primary and also in high school, kids have been known to scramble for food during meals. It is a custom mostly seen in public schools. Well, this shameful behaviour is very present in campus where grown men and women almost break one another’s necks as they push and pull with their plates in hand.

A perfect example where this archaic behaviour is present, is in Multimedia University. These grown adults wrestle like dessert savages on a food aid camp. The wreslemania goes down in what they commonly call “Pavi” mostly at around 6:30 pm during supper when decency and decorum is thrown to the gutter!

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