Activities in Kisumu institutions halted as funds arrive late

Noven Owiti

Education officials in Kisumu county have raised concerns over regular delays in remittance of funds to schools under the government capitation programme, saying this is hurting school operations. The officials say school activities are being put at stake because of the government’s failure to adequately fund them in a timely manner.

The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) branch Executive Secretary Zablon Awange slammed the government for failure to provide monies on time, saying operations in many schools have been crippled.

Awange said a number of schools in the county had been blacklisted by suppliers and creditors for failing to pay. “We demand that the government disburses funds for the remaining phase in time to enable the smooth running of institutions,” he said.

As he spoke, most schools in the county confirmed that the money had been credited into their bank accounts by last weekend. Still, Oren Mixed Secondary School Principal, Isaiah Ogosa, said the delays and minimal disbursement of funds had crippled the institutions.

Ogosa said they are not allowed to charge fees outside what the ministry has approved. The funds are also disbursed in small amounts, which cannot sufficiently take care of the smooth operation of schools. “Many schools are running on debts and suppliers are on our neck,” said Ogosa.

He said paying salaries for non-teaching staff and teachers employed by school has become a nightmare. “The situation has resulted in lack of provision of necessities such as revision and practical materials, which is affecting exam preparations,” he added.

Kisumu county Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) branch chairman Joshua Ogallo cited co-curricular activities as most affected by delayed disbursement of the funds, stressing that “not even a single penny has clicked into the schools’ activity accounts despite sports being a major event this term”.

“Our schools are seriously affected by this delayed funding syndrome. We are asking the government to treat education matters with the utmost attention it deserves,” said Ogallo.

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